We are all totally Wawa!

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Hi everybody!
Before I start, I would like to make you aware that I will now redirect all the posts about Wawa directly to www.wawaland.fr so they will be availables on both sites.

All lot of things happened since the release of Wawa Land on April 17th, so here is a little recap of all the posts, videos and other reviews about Wawa, classed by country.

First of all, the writers of AppAdvice.com had made a lot for Wawa! They first published a preview of the game. Then, they reviewed the game. After that, they wrote about the game of the week which was Max Payne Mobile, BUT Wawa Land has become the honorable mention for the week!!! And last but not least, Wawa Land is also part of the latest AppAdvice Daily Show!!!
So yeah, thank you so much to everyone at AppAdvice.com!

Second very important thing: Wawa is part of The Touch Arcade Show n°48! It is just amazing that they already looked at Wawa just 3 days after the release of the game! I just want to thank you too, as your community which gaves me the best feedbacks on the game!

By the way, I want to tell everyone that the next update is in a large part based on the feedbacks and comments of the TouchArcade community! So yeah… so many thanks to you all!

A big THANKS to Sean Koch of iFanzine.com that just reviewed the game and rated it 3.5/5 (users’ rating is 4/5) ! He also interviewed me last week 😉 Thanks to Sean, your support is much appreciated!

You’ll also find a great test of Wawa Land on GamerEuphoria.com that gives a ranking of 7.5/10! Thanks to them 😉
You can also find another post on APPSMeNow.com.

Last thing in the US, the video test of Wawa by LuisMacintosh:

Thanks to iPhoneGamerUK.co.uk that have pointed the release of Wawa, and made a special page for the game! A review will be soon published on that website too 😉

The japanese website AppsJP.com has included Wawa into its weekly apps selection!

EwTang.com has made a review of the game, the result? Ranked 4/5!
ZZZQu.com has post a little review about Wawa.
Wawa is part of the weekly game selection at CocoaChina.com’s forum and on apple.zone.it.sohu.com!
Then, a special article has been post on AppTang.com!
And the last website to post about Wawa in China is 163Time.com, where you’ll find a great review of Wawa too :)

A quick but great post on FunTouch.net.
A great french girly blogger selected Wawa has it’s weekly game selection at CaughtInMyWeb.fr 😉
And the best for the end in France: Lennox from FrenzyLab.fr has reviewed the game at rated it 9.2/10!!! Amazing! Thanks :)
Oh! By the way, here is a little preview of Wawa Land by TouchManage!

The german website AppGefahren.de made a special post about Wawa.
As iPlayApps.de did 😉
And AppGameIndie.de also selected Wawa as part of the bests games of the week!

Pippin.it made a great video review of Wawa: Click here to see it
Meladevice.com also made a review of the game and ranked it 4.5/5!
And iApp-Mac.com also reviewed the game! Thanks to all of them 😉

App-S.ru, a russian iOS website published a post about Wawa’s release!

The last thing I want you to know is that Wawa Land v1.01 has been sent to Apple today! I will be back tomorrow with more informations about this (so?) quick update 😉

Thanks to everyone of you to make Wawa already such a success!!

PS: The french television (France 3) was at my home yesterday to make a subject which will be aired the next week!!! :)